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Recently the HCG Diet plan has become a popular way to lose weight. Some compare the diet as an alternative to the Atkin plan, where dieters cut off carbohydrates; But the truth is the HCG plan is not just a simple diet, the plan is a hormone treatment combined with a specific diet to go along with the treatment.

How does the HCG Diet Plan work?

hcg-drops-for-weight-lossHCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is a hormone produced when a woman is pregnant. During pregnancy women releases HCG hormones in higher quantities.

The HCG hormone signals the “Hypothalamus” gland in the brain to burn abnormal fat stored in the body, to make sure the fetus is getting sufficient nutrients regardless if the mother is eating enough or not. This action helps break down, abnormal fat levels in the body  leading to weight loss.

Getting Started With The HCG Diet Plan

Dr Simeons is a pioneer of the HCG Diet plan. Simeons started using the hormone to help his overweight patience almost 49 years ago. The studies revealed that when the HCG hormone is combined with extremely low caloric intakes, it has significant weight loss results.

The diet works by breaking down abnormal fat stored in the body. Additionally the unwanted fat is use to created energy, and suppresses appetite, making it easier for most people to stick to a low caloric regimen.

hcg-low-calorie-dietDr. Simeons found the diet plan to work best when people eat as low as 500 calories a day. 500 calories are equivalent to a  portion of veggies and fruits.

For most people who start  a diet, the hardest part is dealing with sugar and complex carbohydrate cravings. The HCG hormone suppresses appetite and controls sugar cravings.

After years of research and studies, there were not any negative side effects found on people who use the diet plan to lose weight.

For those who are worry about potential HCG dangers, there hasn’t been any side effects reported, related to the hormone. In-fact the treatment has become popular because of the testimonials and positive reviews that users are sharing.

Always make sure to do the necessary research to find a supplement that works for YOU.

Finding The Best HCG Diet Supplement

Some people may believe they can lose weight by simply eating 500 calories a day, but there are actually several benefits to properly supplementing with the HCG hormone while on a low calorie diet.

hcg-diet-planWith out the proper use of the HCG hormone in the diet, the body will start burning muscle mass instead of burning excess fat for energy. This will cause the body to fell tired, weak and with low energy.

The HCG hormone helps the body target abnormal fat, instead of using muscle for energy; giving the body the fuel and energy it needs to thrive on a 500-calorie diet.

After the HCG diet plan became popular, there was a high demand to make the supplement easier to take and more accessible to people.

Initially HCG hormones were given to patience using inconvenient injections. Now most people use oral drops formulas that have the same results as the injections.

4 Phases of the HCG Diet Plan

The HCG diet protocol has 4 phases that it goes through when is use for weight loss. All phases of the diet are important but the most important phase is the 2nd phase, which targets the low calorie diet of the treatment. To start the HCG Diet, there are some guidelines to follow.

The Following is a quick review of the 4 phases of the HCG Diet Plan:

hcg-dietPhase #1 – Loading - This phases last for 2 days in most cases. To explain this phase in a simple way, during this phase the individual eats natural foods high in fats, such as avocados and coconut meat. Start using the HCG drops along with the natural high fat foods.

Phase #2 – Starting the Low calorie diet – This is the phase where you are going to eat as low as 500 calories a day. This allows the body to burn anywhere from 2,000 to 5,0000 calories. During this phase you are allow to eat more than 2 servings of protein, a serving of veggies and a serving of fruits. While on this phase is also important for individuals to drink plenty of water, to keep the body hydrated.

During phase 2 the drops should be taking every day to ensure the body is burning abnormal fat for energy instead of muscle mass.

Phase #3- Stabilization - During this phase the diet allows the body to restore metabolism and help the body maintain the weight that was lost. For best results stay eating a diet low in sugars and complex carbohydrates. During this phase is recommended to stop taking the HCG supplement, to allow the hormone to start leaving the body.

Phase #4 – Create healthy habits - after using the HCG diet for several days, your body will start getting use to eating less, and you will start feeling satisfy with small meals. During this phase try to stay away from starches and foods with high sugar levels.

While doing the HCG diet is important to be consistent and keep on eating low calories, everyday. The HCG diet plan helps people lose anywhere from 2 to 4 pounds per day. This diet has found to be safe for most people and there are no side effects related to the diet, however if you are concern about your safety with this diet is best to consult your physician.

Browse this website to find a HCG drop supplement to help you lose excess body fat.

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Through the book Pounds and Inches authored by Dr. A.T.W Simeon, and published back in 1972, the hormone called HCG finally came to prominence. The book suggested the usage of the aforementioned naturally produced hormone in small dosages, alongside a low calorie specific diet in order to achieve fast and maintainable weight loss. Since its introduction to the general public, this weight loss method has received both criticism and praise.

How Does the HCG Hormone work in the body?

HCG-dropsDespite some people's ambivalence toward it, the HCG diet plan continued to enjoy a considerable level of popularity among people who are intent on losing the unnecessary pounds without going through the usual dieting staples like starvation.

The employment of HCG drops alongside low-calorie food intake has been found to carry out effects that eventually lead to weight loss. First and foremost, this diet promotes the improvement of one's metabolism. Through the proper absorption of food nutrients, fat deposits are then significantly reduced.

Also instead of getting rid of the body's essential fats, this diet focuses on the abnormal fats, which are the main cause of increased weight or bodily flab. Lastly, this diet allows the enhancement of the hypothalamus' condition so that after the diet duration, individuals can go back to their normal eating habit without risking another process of fat accumulation. According to studies, proper enactment of this diet can allow dieters to get rid of as much as 2 lbs on a daily basis. The HCG diet protocol has also been deemed by a considerable number of people as a rather healthy weight loss method.

Staying on The HCG Diet Plan

hcg-diet-dangersThe HCG protocol is a diet approach that works in a very specific manner. It allows the disassociation of people's body fats, and flushes them out through the kidneys. The HCG natural hormone easily triggers the rupture of membranes of fat cells which then allows the elimination of fatty acids.

In order for this process to naturally push forth, it is important that dieters strictly adhere to the diet's major protocol, which clearly states a daily consumption of exactly 500 calories. This calorie specification paves the way for the reduction of the blood's glucose and glycogen levels.

Once glucose and glycogen are maintained on their safe levels, the body is then able to rid itself of abnormal or unwanted fat without adversely affecting the good fats which are responsible for maintaining a healthy body mass. The entire process inherent to the HCG diet plan also makes it possible for the hypothalamus to be appropriately and naturally reset, thus allowing dieters to enjoy their normal eating habits upon diet completion. This is of course a welcome option for dieters who have starved themselves in the past while on a diet.

HCG Diet Plan Conclusion

Since the 1950's, a considerable number of health-conscious men and women have subscribed to the HCG diet plan. Widely considered as a safe dieting method, more and more people are opting for this approach nowadays. HCG drops are being manufactured in sterile settings hence there is no need to fret about the possibility of diseases being spread due to the usage of the HCG hormone.

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What Are HCG Diet Drops?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone produced by the body during pregnancy. When a woman becomes pregnant, she starts craving more foods because she is now eating for two and typically gains weight. However, once the child is born, she begins to drop the weight quickly due to the HCG, naturally being produced.

This fact gave weight loss specialist, and doctors a hint to what the hormone could do for weight loss, and a suppkement has develop to naturally increase the production of HCG in the body fir its weight loss benefits.

Using HCG drops to lose weight essentially 'tricked HCG drop user's bodies' into rapid weight loss by speeding up metabolism, but that is only one of the different benefits of HCG.

HCG Drops Effectively Changes How The Body Gets Fuel

how-to-lose-weight-with-hcgAlabama A&M University recently completed an extensive study on HCG drops. The study was geared towards determining exactly what causes certain individuals to gain excessive weight and figuring out the best treatments in reversing the problem.

What they discovered was, that nearly everyone suffers from some degree of micro or macro nutrient deficiencies. These deficiencies cause the body to starve and eventually overeat. Studies figured out the best way for someone to lose weight is by nurturing their body with nutrients from fruit and vegetables while suppressing appetite, helping the patient control overeating.

The diet regimen combines supplementing with HCG hormones in a drop form, while eating a total of 500 calories a day.

HCG drops are unique as they use the bodies own natural weight loss hormones to effectively wage war against fat. The way it works is unique because it changes the way the body gets its energy.

When using HCG drops, the body doesn’t use muscle to create energy but instead burns fat for energy.

Supplementing with HCG drops

hcg-dropsProbably the most unique thing about HCG drops is how it pulls off one of the most amazing tricks in the world of weight control. HCG drops actually creates "will power"! Unlike other supplements that claim to do amazing things as long as you follow the fine print guidelines of diet, exercise and will power, HCG drops take care of the "will power" issue for you.

It is these "mental" aspects that HCG drops alters, which makes weight loss so unique.

Overall, HCG drops are by far one of the most complete weight loss diet programs. Capable of improving metabolic rate and increase energy levels.

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The HCG diet weight loss program is a perfect solution, to get rid of the unnecessary saturated fat of the body without harming the important good fat responsible for producing sufficient energy.

Mainly the diet has become popular for the overwhelming weight loss testimonial from people who are losing weight. The main purpose of this diet plan is to encourage a steady weight loss process. Therefore, the basic principles of the HCG weight loss program are very clear – It suppress appetite and get rid of hunger, and restricts the amount of calorie intake, leading the hypothalamus to increase metabolism and reset the whole body system, to lose weight.

Getting On The HCG Diet Plan

hcg-weight-loss-supplementHCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), is a naturally produced pregnancy hormone, that can help lose weight, when combined with a specific low calorie diet. The HCG diet has a direct effect on the hypothalamus, a particular portion of the brain, which typically controls several important functions of the body like breathing, heartbeat, metabolism, digestion, sleep etc. So, by convening the hypothalamus to control the eating habit of a person and speed up the process of metabolism, HCG diet helps lose weight naturally.

What are the Benefits of HCG Diet Weight Loss Plan?

hcg-weight-management-programHCG diet produces a subtle fat loss reduction so the body, is never starving while eating only 500 calories a day. There are two main reasons why the body is not starved on the HCG diet.

At first, when the HCG diet plans starts to work, it aims to nurture the basic nutrition level of the body by substituting the unhealthy calories with healthy foods like fresh vegetables and fruits. Thus, the body does not have to suffer from lack of nutrition and vitamins. During this specific diet program, patients are allowed to consume only 500 calories a day.

Second, the HCG diet program stimulates the hypothalamus to detach the saturated fat from the membranes and send in the blood stream. Once this particular task is done, the body then metabolizes fat through kidneys and reduces the fat burden on hips, abdomen and thighs.

Additionally the appetite curbing ability of the diet plan appears as another weight loss benefit of HCG. This diet program reduces the felling of hunger, which in turn decreases the inclination for unhealthy snacking heavily loaded with calories.

If you are looking for a diet that works, the HCG diet could be the solution to your weight struggle.

The overall discussion repeatedly stresses on one simple message that a carefully executed HCG diet weight loss program is capable of reducing the unwanted fat burden effectively. But, it is also important to keep in mind that a particular HCG weight loss plan should be designed according to the present health condition of a person. The specific design of the program may vary from person to person.

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The HCG diet plan for weight loss is surrounded by many different opinions nowadays. While some people are just unable to reach a concrete conclusion regarding its effectiveness; on the other hand, there are others who happily share their success stories which highlight the ability of the diet plan to shed extra pounds effectively.

All those confusions and hesitations come to an end when a person attempts to understand the rational explanation supporting the working procedure of the diet plan. HCG diet plan is a natural procedure which utilizes the body's own hormones to influence the various important functions accountable for weight gain and encourage weight loss.

Why is the HCG Diet Plan effective for Weight Loss?

hcg-diet-planThe scientific instinct of Dr. Simeon helped to discover the weight loss ability of a naturally produced hormone called HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). During a medical trial, Dr. Simone realized that a particular dose of HCG hormone, along with a specific low calorie diet plan, worked effectively to reduce the weight of the patients. And then there was no turning back. After several analysis and years of research, it became clear that HCG, combined with a low calorie diet, could be another solution to obesity.

The HCG diet plan has become popular because of the effectiveness of this remarkable diet plan. Unlike other weight loss programs, HCG diet plan does not need to strictly adhere to any rigid diet regimen or wait for a long time to see a significant amount of improvements. Instead, the result of this diet plan is fast and the process of weight loss is easy-going.

The HCG weight loss procedure addresses the root cause of the problem. HCG directly influences an important part of the brain, the hypothalamus. This part of the brain acts as a controlling device for many important functions of the body, and the process of metabolism is one of them.

How Does HCG works?

hcg-weight-lossHCG hormone sends a message to hypothalamus to release the unwanted stored fat into the blood stream and then increase metabolism to burn the fat for further utilization.

This whole process takes place effectively only when the program involves a specific diet plan, which allows daily consumption of foods containing maximum 500 calories. That's why the whole process is known as HCG diet plan.

When the body does not get any excess calories, which it can store for future emergencies, it starts to utilize the available saturated fat sources for energy production.

Besides, HCG also tells the hypothalamus to initiate a new behavioral pattern in the patients. People, who saw an effective weight reduction after incorporating HCG diet plan, said that they experienced an improvement in their eating habits. They felt reduced inclination for the unhealthy snacking. This elaborates that the diet plan efficiently limits the intensity of hunger, increases the satiate feeling and works as an appetite suppressant.

Supplementing with HGC

Hcg-dietThe best way to get HGC in to the body is by using an HGC supplements. To avoid getting injections of the HCG hormone the way to go is by using HCG drops. Supplementing with HCG drops is the beat way to take HCG properly. Additionally you will need to follow an exact diet plan, low in calories.

HCG reduces appetite and makes it easy for you to stay in the diet as you can only eat 500 calories a day.

If you follow the diet and supplement with HGC drops, you are likely to see very favorable weight loss results.

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Speculative comments and controversial arguments will always be there to make choosing the right way to lose weight even harder. But that does not mean one has to stop the quest for finding the best and natural cures for weight loss and other health problems. It’s necessary to initiate thorough research to get a clear idea and the right knowledge, that will help to end the dilemma and hesitation every time.

Being inspired by that kind of unstoppable thirst for finding the best way of fighting weight loss, Dr. A.T.W Simeon discovered and confirmed HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) as an effective hormone for reducing excess weight.

What to Know About the HCG Weigh Loss Program?

HCG-Weight-LossThe published report containing DR. Simeon's research confirmed that a small amount of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), a naturally produced hormone in pregnant women, can accelerate the process of weight loss. To be more specific, during a research, Dr. Simeon realized that a HCG diet weight loss program, combined with the proper low calorie diet, helped his patients lose significant amount of weight in a very short period of time.

The HCG diet is often combined with a strict low calorie program, which recommends patience to eat as low as 500 calories per day. The good news is HCG reduces appetite so much, most patients don’t feel any anxiety or uncontrollable desires to eat. His research sparkle the interest of many of his colleagues and testimonials, which started to establish HCG diet as a potent appetite suppressant.

According to the published report, HCG diet weight loss plan works by restricting a patient's calorie intake, encouraging the human body to metabolize the unwanted fat through kidneys and helping the hypothalamus to reset the whole system encouraging a normal eating habit.

What's HCG Weight Loss Protocol all about?

The following three step phases can help to explain and understand the HCG diet weight loss process properly

(a) The very first phase of the diet plan emphasizes on building a fat reserve by allowing unrestricted foods consumption.

(b) In the second phase, patients are allowed to eat a low calorie diet consisting of maximum 500 calories a day while taking a particular dose of HCG.

(c) HCG diet starts to work. A normal diet pattern is encouraged during the third phase of the diet plan.

Many people wanted to know if the same result can be achieved by initiating a simple low calorie diet plan. But in that case, the probability of losing the good fat, responsible for producing energy, becomes high. This is due because in absence of necessary protein and vitamin; the body tends to metabolize whatever it has.

Benefits of HCG Weight Loss Program

hcg-diet-drops(a) A serious step-by-step process of HCG helps to increase the level of testosterone and speed of metabolism.

(b) Another benefit is the decreased inclination for consuming sweet products.

(c) The body does not suffer any breakdown of muscles because HCG diet helps to nurture the body naturally.

There is nothing superficial about the HCG weight loss procedure, and it can help people who struggle with weight loss problems tremendously.

Using HCG weight loss drops supplements

Some people who choose the HCG diet to lose weight, sometimes go to the Dr. t get the HCG hormone injected and make sure they get the right dosage overtime. Conveniently there are now HCG supplementation that comes in a form of drops that can help you get dramatical weight loss results.

hcg-diet-planTo get the bet of the diet you need to combine the drops with an HCG diet plan, where you will be eating really low calories. The combination of these 2 tools will lead to weight loss results.

It is important to understand, who will be suitable for incorporating this weight loss plan. It’s undeniable that each and every person has a different health condition or medical reason responsible for unnatural weight gain.

Most people do really well with this diet and the testimonials are great, but if you are unsure if this diet is for you a detail analysis and clear understanding about your physical condition can help you avoid any unexpected situation and gain the maximum benefits of this specific diet program.

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